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Submitting a Winning Bid

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Submitting a Winning Bid

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Engineer Gustavo Cinca
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Submitting a Winning Bid

Guide to Making Construction Bidding with Examples. How to make an estimate.

If the work or service awarded comes from a faulty bid, you have not earned a job; you have earned a complication.

For a construction and assembly industry to be financially viable, it must achieve positive economic outcomes in the work or services it provides.

When the work or service awarded comes from a faulty offer, the company is unlikely to become profitable.

To launch a lucrative business, the bidder must submit a properly assessed bid in each bidding process or competition.

In the book, Submitting a Winning Bid sets out the steps to get a reliable bid.

The purpose of submitting a winning bid is to give the reader a complete and useful guide to support their budgeting.

This manuscript details the main aspects to be considered at each of the stages of the elaboration of a proposal in order to achieve the desired reliable budget.

Guidelines for doing construction bidding with examples.
This guide is based on the exceptional experience of the writer.

The Author.

The author of this book has worked for a large part of his professional life as a manager and director of on-site work at various chemical processing plants, refineries, gas pipelines, gas compressors and thermal power stations in the country and abroad, finally, to create and to chair a society of construction and assembly.

Throughout his career, he has prepared and examined hundreds of estimates for the refurbishment of industrial plants and new facilities.

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Five of the five stars. Extremely helpful Calificado en Estados Unidos el 30 de julio de 2020 Very helpful new vets and newbies in the field, def give it a read if you want to improve!
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